Property Management

Dulles Properties Inc has been offering the best possible property management services to property owners and tenants for four decades. We make an extra effort to maintain our high level of standards to safeguard every clients’ property. Types of property managed are single family homes, town homes or condominiums. Our goal is to keep each property occupied with the best-qualified tenant available.

Dulles Properties Inc provides the following property management services to our in-or-out of town landlords and investors:

Vacant Property Management

As a full service real estate company, we can show properties to potential tenants with the best interests of both parties involved in mind. Effective advertising is developed to promote all units and properties. We have many advertising options on various platforms that will make our properties easily accessible to any potential clients.

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Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a vital process for any property management company. It not only protects the company interests, it also provides peace of mind for our owners in knowing that their properties are being taken care of properly. We use the rental application process to centralize all of the pertinent tenant information. We provide a thorough tenant screening process, which includes performing credit checks, verifying employment and obtaining previous rental references.

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Legal Document Processing

We prepare and execute all lease agreements. We also oversee any eviction proceedings that may be required.

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Unit Maintenance

Our main priority is to treat each property as if it were our own. We make regular visits, perform regular inspections, and take preventive home maintenance measures to ensure the unit is properly maintained. If repairs or maintenance is needed, we coordinate the entire process. We also do everything we can to have a solid relationship with our vendors to guarantee quality work.

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Financial Transactions

We maintain a separate escrow account for security deposits, collect all rent or monies owed on behalf of proprietors, review and pay monthly bills, and disburse proceeds in a timely manner. All financial transaction services are done with honesty an integrity.

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Property File Maintenance

The paperwork and documents associated with renting a property can be complicated and confusing, which is why we take care of everything for our property owners and tenants. We maintain and keep on file lease agreements for every property. We also keep all insurance documents, invoices and correspondence.

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Comprehensive Statements

We keep a comprehensive record of all collections and disbursements for every property, and provide monthly and year-end tax statements.

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